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They had an HVAC worker over to the house

Back when Zack was a kid, he used to love to talk to the people who’d come over to their house.

  • He was always a talkative little kid and Zack wanted to learn everything that he could about every person.

His parents said that sometimes Zack would just sit and talk to a rock if no one else wanted to listen to him. He knows they were right about that, too. Zack is still that way, to tell you the truth. His partner says that he would talk to anyone who would ever listen to him and that he has never met a stranger, and he’s right. Back when Zack was little, he used to love to talk to repair folks who would come over to the house. His dad always tells this story about how one morning, they had a Heating and Air Conditioning worker over to the home to fix their old oil furnace. Zack would not leave him alone down in the basement with the oil furnace because he wanted to talk to him and learn all about the tools that he was working with to fix the oil furnace. Zack wanted to see what he was doing to the oil furnace and he also wanted to play with the tools that he was working with. He loves the way his dad tells it because he said that Zack was such a pain to the Heating and Air Conditioning worker that he thought that he was never going to be done fixing the oil furnace. He also said that it took him at least two hours longer than it should have because Zack would not stop asking him questions.

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