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HVAC helps enhance respiratory health

It’s not too long now before our home needs to be all sealed up again, which means the air conditioner will be running non-stop.

Where my friend Max and I live, about the only time it’s suitable to have the windows open is during the winter months.

The rest of the time, there is a non-stop need for air conditioning. So Max and I particularly prefer to get all the fresh air inside the home while my friend and I can. It’s mid December now so it won’t be however a couple of months before the heat pump will be back on to provide cooling comfort. And that means having the home sealed up super tight in order to maximize the working efficiency of the heat pump. However, when the home is sealed up tight, the HVAC unit helps protect as well as strengthen our respiratory health. That’s because Max and I have a whole condo media air cleaner installed inside the HVAC equipment. This type of media air cleaner particularly destroys indoor air contaminants rather than trapping as well as removing them later. This media air cleaner uses ultra violet light to particularly fry the DNA of all known airborne contaminants. Thankfully, that means destroying pollen from the trees as well as sides. This is a particularly unbelievable benefit for myself and Max as I suffer from seasonal allergies. Along with pet dander, the pollen can render myself and Max almost useless during the Spring. So having the whole condo media air cleaner is an added bonus for me. But the air purification unit also provides the particularly best indoor air conditions 1 can find. And so I suppose that I’m generating the best environment possible for Max while they are inside the central air conditioner of our home.