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Keeping warm with the more efficient electric heater

The first time I moved into a house with an electric heating system, I was horrified about the energy bill I’d get at the end of the month.

I grew up in a gas-powered home, and my parents always said those who use the electric heater are rich. Of course, I tried finding a house running on a gas furnace, but the housing agent told me it was close to impossible. Most homes in my preferred area of living had transitioned to the electric heat pump, with just a few using a hybrid heating device. Surprisingly, my bills are very manageable But, that only happened with making the effort t make my heater more energy efficient. I used the heating business contact I had in my list of service providers for the house. I connected to an HVAC professional who was keen to answer all my questions. The most pressing one was on how I’d ensure my electric heating equipment remained energy efficient. The most obvious one was keeping up to date with the heater maintenance schedule, which their heating technician could perform whenever I booked to have it done. The other recommendations involved improving the device’s efficacy by ensuring every filter I bought to replace the older one was a HEPA filter. The HVAC serviceman made me understand that such a filter would catch most air contaminants, which would clean the air while preventing it from overworking. The HVAC supplier also warned me about switching the heat pump on and off because it would interfere with its efficacy. The solution was installing a wireless thermostat which allows me to set the house temperatures to a comfortable level that stays constant depending on my needs.

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