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She thought the HVAC company charges for a quote

Aisha has had to learn so much ever since she relocated from her home country.

  • It’s like learning everything afresh, and it’s not been an easy journey.

Aisha left her home country to go to school, and managed to find work after graduation. Getting a work permit was such a blessing and now she is settled into her job. Part of the perks of living in this country is she is now also a homeowner. Since Aisha got a full scholarship for school, she never had to worry about student debt. As a result, she managed to save good money, and purchase her first home. It wasn’t the most impressive property, but it was a step in the right direction. Aisha got the house with a small mortgage since she had a good amount saved for the purchase. Afterward, she got to work to make sure the house got a total upgrade. Her friend who is also a homeowner advised Aisha to hire an HVAC professional to do an inspection on the heating and cooling in her new home. This is important because it’s not easy to survive without a HVAC system in their location. Well, Aisha got in touch with the HVAC business in the area to come to an inspection and give her a quote. The HVAC professional was so helpful as he took Aisha through the different units and recommended the best one for her home. After he was done, Aisha asked about charges because she thought they charge for a quote. The HVAC professional informed her that quotes and inspections were free. She’d only pay for the HVAC system and its installation in her home.

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