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My ex got porcelain veneers for his teeth

He was so annoying to me that I had broken up with him, after all.

My ex boyfriend got porcelain veneers for his teeth and I have to say that they look absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what he was thinking whenever he picked these out. He always used to tell me that he was interested in getting porcelain veneers for his teeth, but I told him that he should not do it. Back when we were dating, he would listen to what I told him most of the time. So when I told him that I thought porcelain veneers were going to look awful on him, I guess he believed me. Or at least he cared what I thought about how he looked back then! Anyway, after we broke up, I guess he decided that he was going to go to the dentist and get these porcelain veneers put on whether I liked it or not. Of course, by this point, I didn’t really care what he did. He was so annoying to me that I had broken up with him, after all. One day I was at the mall shopping and I noticed this guy at the food court who looked familiar to me. When he turned around, it was my ex boyfriend! However, something was not right about him and I could not put my finger on it at first. But then he opened his mouth to smile at me and that’s when I saw his giant white teeth! The porcelain veneers were absolutely awful and I don’t know how in the world he approved them through his dentist office. Whoever he used should not have let him leave the office with them on!


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