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My brother swore something was living in his ductwork

I find my brother to be quite dramatic.

It seems that we are complete opposites of each other even though I am the girl in the family.

He had a flair for being overly dramatic and always overreacts about the smallest things. My brother is a fashion designer and has loved dressing up since he was a little boy. He’d come into my closet and pick out outfits for us to wear. I remember one time dad dressing up as the little mermaid so my brother can enjoy going for a school event. We have the most supportive parents who never taught us there are things for girls and others for boys. I guess that’s how my brother ended up in fashion school while I went to train to become an HVAC specialist. I’ve been in the HVAC industry for a decade and it’s been a great journey. I love being outside, working with my hands and fixing HVAC systems. In fact, I am the one who fixed the HVAC system at both my folks and my brother’s houses. Well, this morning I got a call from him screaming that there was something living in his ductwork. My brother had been away from work for 4 months and got back two days ago. He’d turned on the AC to cool his home this morning and that’s when he heard an animal sound coming from the AC. The image of him screaming as he ran for the phone had me laughing until my ribs ached. I promised him I’d pass by to take a look and clean his ductwork.


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