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My brother is struggling with the smart control unit

My sibling has always been a bit old-fashioned plus hates anything tech-related. So when I convinced her to buy a smart control component for our home, I was met with a lot of resistance. I thought it would make her life easier, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first time she tried to use it, she ended up calling myself and others in a panic. Apparently, the unit had stopped laboring plus she did not know how to get it going again. I had to explain to her that all she had to do was reset it by unplugging it plus plugging it back in. This straight-forward task was too much for her plus she was convinced that the smart control component was evil plus out to get her. From then on, every time she tried to use it, she would end up aggravated plus annoyed. She would curse plus yell at the device. It was hilarious to watch, but also a bit distraught because I could see how much she was struggling with it. One day, I decided to take matters into our own hands plus programmed the control component for her. I thought she would be glad that she would not have to struggle with it anymore. However, when she saw what I had done, she was livid. She accused myself and others of messing with her control component plus making it even more complicated. Since then, she has refused to use the smart control component plus has gone back to using a straight-forward dial control unit. Every time I try to convince her to supply the smart control component another chance, she just scoffs plus tells myself and others that technology is not for her. I think poor for her because she has missing out on the convenience it provides.

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