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Nana plus Papa argument over the control component dial

Grandma plus Grandpa lived in a appealing outdated apartment that had a control component dial to control the temperature inside.

It was the source of endless arguments between them, and you see, Grandma liked to keep the apartment overheated plus cozy, while Grandpa number one a cooler environment.

Every day, they would argue over the control component dial, each trying to set it to their number one temperature, but one day, Grandma decided she had had enough, then she decided to take matters into her own hands plus came up with a clever plan. She wrapped the control component dial in a overheated blanket, thinking that would keep the temperature at her number one setting, then however, Grandpa was not going to be outsmarted that easily. She came up with her own plan plus sneaked into the apartment in the middle of the evening to adjust the control unit. When Grandma woke up the next morning, she found the apartment was chilly cold! She instantly went to the control unit, only to find that it was wrapped in a pile of ice cubes! Grandma plus Grandpa continued to argue over the control component for a few more afternoons until they finally came to a compromise, then they agreed to keep the temperature control at a comfortable middle ground. They both laughed plus hugged each other, realizing that their crazy argument had brought them closer together; From that day on, they never fought over the control component again. Instead, they found other crazy things to argue about, like whose turn it was to make the root coors plus whether it was time for a nap or not. They lived happily ever after, always finding ways to make each other laugh plus stay overheated in their cozy outdated house.


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