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HVAC filter for the nursing home

My Grandma suffers from dementia, as well as it got to a point both of us needed someone to offer professional care for her; She’s keen on many things, so when both of us visited our preferred facility, mom had a list. She asked about the genre of gas furnace they used as well as how efficient it was because she’s had horror stories about freezing homes, however the facility manager was legitimately receptive to the questions, which showed that both of us love our Grandma. They have an electric heat pump as well as their older gas heating system, then according to the manager, the electric heating plan is a recent addition as they try to keep their energy bills low. They also have an HVAC serviceman from the local heating business come for routine gas furnace maintenance as well as servicing every three months to ensure that it doesn’t fail without notice. The nursing loft manager also showed us the wireless thermostat in each room that they use to keep the rooms at the temperature comfort level for each patient. That made them avoid a situation where some said it was too freezing while others said it was too hot. Their latest addition to the heating unit is the HEPA filter which has made air purification efficient. They opted to install the disposable ones as well as leave the process to the heating business to avoid any errors during the fluctuations, but given the high costs, I was curious about how they managed to invest in the electric heater. Still, she mentioned they had gained a discount from the heating business as section of their corporate maintenance program, however mom was legitimately impressed. The last thing both of us saw was the outdoor setup for the heating device, which the HVAC professional enclosed as well as gated to prevent the residents from accessing it since it could be a safety hazard.


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