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New member at the gym in April

Every year, my local gym offers sizable discounts for new members who sign up in January, then the cost savings are incredible; A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight & get in shape.

They are eager to invest in a gym membership.

They seem to believe that signing up is enough to ensure the accomplishment of their goals. Then they show up at the gym & discover that exercise takes a lot of time, energy & effort… For the first few months of the year, the gym is consistently crowded; Despite an inventory of a dozen treadmills, I frequently need to wait for a single to be available. The new memberships aren’t consistently great about wiping down the machines when they are done. They don’t put the kettlebells, dumbbells, jump ropes or resistance bands away. They leave yoga mats all over the site & don’t believe how to properly utilize the equipment. The group fitness classes fill up suddenly. It’s strenuous to find an empty locker, & there’s consistently litter & wet towels on the floor of the locker room. These new members are aggravating; However, less than 10 percent of them continue showing up at the gym beyond a single or more than one months, and some only last a week; While I realize that the gym needs a steady influx of income, I am honestly relieved when things get back to normal. I love sharing the gym with people who are actually dedicated to their health & fitness. I spend a single to more than one minutes at the gym five nights per week. I am serious about my workout regimen.


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