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Understand the HVAC warranty

I’m not great when it comes to following directions or reading them at all for that matter.

I think this might be a hold over from when I was little.

When I was a kid and got my hands on a new toy, I could care less about instructions. That’s something I should have grown out of but a recent HVAC fiasco proves that I so didn’t. In our region, we deal with plenty of heat and humidity. The air conditioning can be in demand from April well into November. Toward the end of October, I came home to a house that was unusually hot. I figured that we had just left the air conditioning off or had pushed the thermostat setting high enough that it just didn’t kick on. So I went to the thermostat to investigate the situation and found something quite different. While the HVAC unit had electricity, I could not get it to come on. Right then, had I read the HVAC warranty, I would have simply picked up the phone and called the HVAC professionals. But when the new HVAC equipment was installed several years ago, I did not read the HVAC warranty. Instead, it took my wife making sure that the HVAC warranty was registered with the factory in a timely manner. Had it been up to me, I would have voided that HVAC warranty back then because of that. Instead, I ended up voiding the HVAC warranty years later because I tried to have a hand in repairing the air conditioning. Clearly, I’m not an HVAC professional so had no business doing anything with the HVAC equipment. Eventually, I ended up calling the HVAC company and they came out and fixed it in short order.


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