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Made the right call on HVAC trade

I’m so thankful that we went through with the plan to trade the gas furnace for the heat pump and move south.

This had been the plan for a long time.

My wife and I were even looking at properties down here years before I retired. But as with any big life change, there can be some cold feet involved. That was definitely the case when my wife and I finally retired. We knew that was going to be a huge effort to get the house in good enough shape to get it on the market. That meant upgrades to the residential HVAC equipment along with a near total kitchen renovation. Initially, we really dragged our feet because we just didn’t want to get into all of that. Plus once we sold the house, there really was no turning back for our plan to move to the south. Thankfully, things just started falling into place and we ended up getting all those renovations done and then the house sold almost immediately. We made so much money off of that house that we’re still sort of shocked. And at that point, there really was no turning back and I’m glad we followed through. I’m so thankful to be spending this winter in short sleeves with my face in the sun. There’s no more snow, ice or gas furnace where we live. I don’t think the heat pump is even kicked on once to knock the chill out of the house. I’m very pleased with our decision to move down here and I’ll trade a gas furnace for a heat pump every time.


Geothermal heat pump