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At least I have the best heating system

My new coworkers are having a blast.

They always make it a point to say the cold season is just beginning.

The last few weeks have been the coldest that I’ve ever experienced. September temperatures often fell so much at night. And the gas furnace was running at night well before Halloween. I was sort of stunned by the whole thing given the fact that I’ve never come across anything like this where I come from. To be honest, I’ve never even seen a gas furnace in my life. Yes, I am still young so there’s going to be plenty of other things I encounter for the first time. But when I applied for this job, I didn’t focus on the change in climate I’d be making moving north. That was my bad. I am residing in a cute cottage that has a new gas furnace. While the place is tiny and sparsely furnished, it’s mine and the Heating and AiC is the best. Were that not the case, I might be turning around and heading back to the sun. It’s the holidays now and this will be my first pale white Christtmas. It will also be the first time I’m stuck inside my cottage with the gas furnace raging. It looks like I’ll be up here by myself for Christtmas. Well, that’s not the worst thing in the world since I couldn’t get out of work as I’m the new guy. At least I have a fantastic gas furnace. I’m going to spend the Christtmas holiday doing nothing but cranking the gas furnace for all the heating I can stand.

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