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Riding with the old HVAC unit

It won’t be long before we are the proud owners of the latest and greatest residential HVAC.

And I’m thrilled that we are that close to getting to the finish line when it comes to our old heat pump.

However, I did buy a pair of space heaters for the house as an insurance policy. My wife and I learned last spring that the HVAC unit was headed for the recycle bin. We always have an air conditioning tune up done during the spring. But this time, the HVAC technician came to the door to give us the news about the heat pump. My wife and I have always been the sort that likes to get every last drop of value from whatever we own. We always have a relatively new car but I end up driving the wheels off of whatever is the hand-me-down. I have a truck that’s 22 years old and I’m still driving it. So when it came to the heat pump, we really thought we could get through one more summer down here before we had to replace it. We don’t need much from the heat pump during the winter as there’s not much demand for heating. So if we could get through one more summer, we’d get every last bit of value from that old HVAC equipment after 26 years. With some attention paid to the load on the heat pump and adding some fans for comfort, we did get through the summer. But definitely, the air conditioning costs spiked as the heat pump had a hard time keeping up. That won’t be a problem in the coming summer as the new HVAC equipment will be installed mid February.


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