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Replacing the HVAC unit really hits me hard

I find it so interesting how something so seemingly innocuous can end up being such an epiphany of sorts.

That’s exactly what happened when we recently were faced with the fact that our old HVAC unit was no longer getting it done.

It wasn’t exactly the hassle or the money or any of that when it came to replacing the HVAC equipment. What got me so much and really hit me hard was just how much time has gone by. It’s hard to believe that I’m almost 60 and my kids are grown and they’re having kids. But the fact that we are replacing an HVAC unit that lasted nearly 30 years is relatively mind blowing to me. It just doesn’t seem like it could possibly have been 30 years since we had that HVAC unit installed. And it’s even harder to fathom that we’ve been in this house for 35 years. But that’s the case. When we bought this house we inherited an old HVAC unit that we got four or five years out of. It was nice because we could sort of save up for the new HVAC equipment during that time. And we got the best in residential HVAC that we could afford at the time. But man, how time flies. Just the evolution in HVAC technology was completely overwhelming to me when we first started looking. But thanks to a great HVAC company, we got all the residential HVAC we will need for the quality heating and air we require. And I have to say that this is the best heating and cooling comfort I’ve ever enjoyed anywhere, much less this old house.



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