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I'm really loving my new ductless HVAC system

I’ve lived way out in the woods for the last 25 years! Leaving the hustle and bustle of the town and apartments with terrible heating plus A/C was 1 of the smartest things I ever did! Then when I finally moved out of the city, I just kept going; then and truthfully, that was sort of the method all along… But I had grown up in a rural part and spent a lot of time out in nature; so then there was a real intuitive passion when it came to wanting to live off the grid.

But it’s 1 thing to dream about it and a whole other 1 to do it. I grew up loving pretty much most people else inside the central air conditioning system of my parent’s home. But to entirely live off the grid and live self sustainably is something that takes plenty of preparation. So it took myself and others almost many years after university to set up a situation where I could live off the grid and still do work. These mornings are made much easier thanks to satellite wi-fi. So I can truly deliver my work from home and I do not have to make periodic trips into the city. As the years have gone by, the summer time heat has been something that has plagued myself and others more and more. I have plenty of heating from the wood stove for the winter time but the air conditioning system was also something I had not had in more than twenty years. So I had the closest heating plus A/C supplier come out and install a ductless heat pump. I also have such a wonderful solar array plan that I can even appreciate residential heating plus A/C all the way out here.


mini split air conditioner