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The snow storm was getting brutal

Ed plus I have known each other for almost 10 years.

Ed and I met when I had relocated to this area plus I was at the supermarket.

By this time, my child was 2 years old. She was pitching a fit in the middle of the supermarket plus I tried desperately to calm his down, however Ed happened to be walking by plus scooped him up to join his son on his trolly. I guess my child was so stunned that he immediately stopped crying. Ed and I walked around with him on the trolly plus I absolutely managed to do my shopping. 10 years later, Ed and I are still amazing friends, plus our youngsters too. The other week, I went to see Ed because he was baking my favorite cake. Ed’s beach house was nice plus hot which was quite evident from the hour I walked in. Ed had been facing complications with the furnace in his beach house the previous winter. So, Ed started to save for a current furnace from December last year, however finally, this past fall, Ed phoned the Heating plus AC company to send an expert over with an estimate for a current furnace. Ed wanted to get the update done in fall, before the crazy winter season months. That was a smart decision because this winter season has been challenging. I remember when Ed and I were waiting for the cake to cool down, there was a snow storm happening outside, plus it was getting so much worse. Thankfully, my child was with his Mom, plus I could spend the night at Ed’s beach house if the storm kept going. I enjoyed how hot it felt thanks to the current furnace Ed had installed in his beach house last fall.

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