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She is a very skilled Heating and Cooling pro

Pat consistently recounts her earliest years working in the heating and cooling industry.

  • Pat says it had been hard to join it because she was a woman.

All of The local Heating and A/C companies in her section were amazing. They served such a large area, and offered the finest heating and cooling services to all of their purchasers. But, 1 thing was quite evident to everyone in that area. The companies were mostly hiring dudes to labor as Heating and A/C pros. It was either they didn’t hire ladies, or not enough girls were pursuing a career in the heating and cooling industry. It was Pat’s Grandpa who encouraged her to go to heating and cooling university. She used to be a heating expert in the seasoned afternoons. Back then, numerous people would focus on heating in order to survive the very serious winter weeks. Some had those large window ACs to remain cool during the summer, however not all homes could afford them. It’s only this month that ACs are much smaller, and don’t cost as much to install in your house. Pat had shown an interest in heating and cooling systems when she was visiting her Grandpa. Pat consistently had these large units in her shed that she fixed for people in the local community. It wasn’t long after Pat started working with him that she mentioned that she should pursue it as a career. Pat went to heating and cooling university, and later applied for jobs in the local area. Pat’s fears had been unwarranted because the Heating and A/C dealers were eager to bring on a woman with her skills. Pat is a skilled Heating and Cooling pro, and has a thriving career.

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