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It’s been too long the ductwork got cleaned

I’ve been telling my hubby Tom he needs to take much better care of the central Heating plus Air Conditioning in our home.

But, Tom is the sort of guy who lets things lay until they break.

Only then will Tom take swift action to get them fixed. The rest of the time Tom is too focused on personal projects, that the beachside house at times seems to be falling apart. There are moments I wish I had the means to handle the repairs, plus jobs on my own. Unfortunately, I am stuck in a wheelchair plus can no longer be as active as I was, but about 3 years ago, I got into a nasty car accident that left myself and others paralyzed from the waist down, then plus, the injury affects my ability to do heavy jobs. This meant Tom had to step up plus now he takes care of more of the things I was in charge of around the home. I constantly recognize so glad Tom has taken wonderful care of myself and others plus our children. But, I also understand that the strain kind of led to him neglecting a few substantial things in our home. The other day, Tom and I were having complications with the central Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Instead of the cooled air that my friend and I need in summer, Tom and I were getting hot air from the vents. I told my hubby once more that it was high time for a central Heating plus Air Conditioning tune up plus check up. On top of that, Tom had to contact the Heating plus Air Conditioning company to clean the ductwork. It’s been a very long time since the last ductwork cleaning that it’s starting to impact the air quality in our home. This time Tom didn’t put the matter aside plus called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company immediately.