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It’s been a long time since the last air duct cleaning

I told Sam once more that it was time for a central HVAC tune up and check up.

I’ve been telling my partner Sam she needs to take better care of our central HVAC in the house; But, Sam’s the sort of man who lets things rest until they break. Only then will she take swift action to get them resolved. The rest of the time Sam is too focused on projects, that the apartment at times seems to be falling to pieces. There are some moments I wish I had the ability to do the repairs, and jobs on my own. Sadly, I am bound to a wheelchair and can no longer be as active as I was… About 3 years back, I got into a poor car accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down, and thus, the injury affected my ability to do heavy jobs. This meant my partner Sam had to step up and now she takes care of more of the things I was in charge of around the house. I consistently assume so glad Sam has taken good care of me and our children. But, I also understand the strain kind of led to Sam neglecting a few pressing things in our home. The other afternoon, Sam and I were having troubles with the central HVAC system. Instead of the cool air that Sam and I need in summer, my buddy and I were getting warm air from the vents. I told Sam once more that it was time for a central HVAC tune up and check up. On top of that, Sam had to contact the HVAC contractor to scrub the ductwork. It’s been so long since the last air duct cleaning that it’s starting to affect the air quality in our home. This time Sam didn’t put the matter aside and contacted the HVAC contractor right away.