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Dad got a new central A/C replacement

It wasn’t straightforward growing up with my siblings.

Our dad walked out the door 1 afternoon when I was 5, and that was the last time I heard from Dad. It was so heart rending to see Mom struggle to raise 3 kids on her own. But, the best thing was our Grandparents, her Dad and dad were both willing to help. They moved near our home, and began baby sitting, and helping out when Dad had to work. Slowly, Mom managed to get a better handle of the mountain of bills and debt that dad had left behind when she quit our family. Dad consistently insisted on university work, and planning for the future. Mom was a pressing believer in calling out your life, and being hopeful, which she does to date. My sisters and I all managed to join, and graduate from the university, with little debt thanks to scholarships. After that, my buddy and I landed jobs, and began helping Dad to live the life my buddy and I all knew she deserved… Just this past year, my buddy and I helped her spend money for the new central A/C replacement in her home. She had been using this seasoned heat pump for close to 2 decades. While the heating pump had served her well, it was time for change. Dad was paying too much money on frequent heat pump repairs, and it wasn’t worth it. An HVAC expert proposed her to invest in a brand new central A/C to replace the aging heat pump. One more repair, and it would be gone forever. Dad informed my sisters and myself about this, and my buddy and I told her not to worry about it. Among the various of us, my buddy and I are able to spend money for the brand new AC, and the replacement cost.



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