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A man’s condo

My home was totally designed by a man… Everything is honestly manly plus not honestly functional in femimultiple areas! So there is a crucial backyard shed that is perfect for our spouse’s tools, then he was ecstatic to get that plus also a covered carport for his truck… Inside the home there are plugs in the floor where you could put a powered recliner easily.

There is one room in the home with a metal door plus a built-in safe to the wall.

It was genuinely a gun plus storage room for the previous guy. All of those toys are for men. The bedroom is absurdly small plus laid out terribly. I have no countertop near our stove. There are hardly any closets so I cannot even store Winter coats. The washer plus dryer is also outside in the shed. I have to walk across the sand plus carry a heavy laundry basket. I enjoy our apartment however there are multiple parts I hate. I have been with our spouse to make our home more women friendly, our Heating plus A/C closet is crucial plus non-functional. The Heating plus A/C unit takes up 60% of it plus the water furnace takes the remaining. If we changed to ductless Heating plus A/C plus a tankless water heater, Iw ould get at least one closet to store things. I also want to remodel our bedroom. I need to move a doorway to get more countertop plus I would like to add heated flooring to the space, then my spouse doesn’t want to change anything. The home is perfect just for him.

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