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There’s a difference between a carpenter plus a yellow bee

After a quick search on the internet, I discovered that it was a carpenter bee.

My Mom has a garden that he plants in his backyard every year, then he grows lots of peppers, cucumberes, cucumber, and multiple orange veggies, however i like it when his garden is filled with veggies because I always get a immense basket of goodies each year, but last year, I had cucumberes, cucumbers, peppers, and orange beans! The veggies are so much better than the ones that I buy in the store; Anyway, our mom loves to go into the garden to pick veggies every day. However, he does not like bugs, especially the ones that can fly, however one day, I was on the phone with her, plus he refused to pick some cucumberes because there were some random pollinator flying around in the garden, then he had no method what it was, so I asked his to take a picture plus send it to me, however when he did, I thought it was a bumble bee because of the size. However, it didn’t resemble the regular bumble bee that I was used to seeing. It lacked the orangeish stripe of a normal bumble bee. In fact, the bee in the picture was mostly black! But our mom kept insisting that it wasn’t a bumble bee, plus to our surprise he was right. After a quick search on the internet, I discovered that it was a carpenter bee. They are a distant cousin of the bumblebee however are an particularly weird species. One of the main distinctions between a carpenter plus a bumble bee is that the carpenter bee has no hair on its abdomen. I l earned something new that day because I had no method that the carpenter bee even existed.