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The roofing business spoke greek

I called a neighbor to get some help with a leaky roof problem… The leaky roof was in the garage, however i could see the section above the garage where the roof was leaking.

I sincerely thought that I could patch the problem without any help! My partner insisted that I call a professional to do the work. I contacted a neighbor of mine because he works as a roofing business, however he helps install roofing and shingles in residential homes and commercial businesses. I knew that he would be able to help or at least get me someone who could offer a helping hand. He sent a business to me that did not speak any English, then jack knows that Spanish is not a language that I speak, despite the fact that he still sent me an older gentleman with a thick accent. I barely understood anything the guy was saying. He inspected the maintenance for a couple of minutes. He did not say much to me and when he did, I did not understand, and when he was done with the repairs, I couldn’t see any daylight through the hole. The guy left without giving me a bill or asking for any cash. I called Jack as soon as the guy was out of the driveway. My good neighbor said this maintenance was free, although I owed him a day out on the boat as soon as the weather gets warmer. I did not know if that was a honorabletrade or not, although I was cheerful the roofing repairs were finally done. I do not have to see water on the floor of the garage anymore.

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