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Zone controlled heating has changed our home

It’s great to see all the changes that have taken place around us in the past 50 years.

  • I’m dating myself, but bear with this old person’s perspective on innovation – it’s everywhere! From our phones to our cars to our jobs – even our indoor air handling chances have completely changed since I was growing up.

Wouldn’t you love to hear about those big changes in heating, ventilation and cooling technology from someone who’s seen it all. We didn’t even have air conditioning in our home when I was growing up. Dad said it was too luxurious. When things went wrong, he didn’t want to call a local heating, ventilation and cooling service shop. The old man just wanted the indoor air handling devices available, but essentially we never used them. That’s why it’s so wild these days to step back, talk to a new heating, ventilation and cooling specialist, and learn about the many great ways to upgrade to a modern house-wide heating and cooling system which has Internet connectability and separate temperature zone controls. I mean, zone controlled heating, ventilation and cooling completely blew my mind when I first heard about it. Until that point, our equipment was old, dirty, and half-broken down. I found out you can buy an energy-efficient, customizable, heating, ventilation and cooling setup that is clean, high-tech, low cost and simple to maintain. That’s what I’ve discovered since installing zone controlled heating, ventilation and cooling in my home. With distinct zones to cater to my comfort, my life has never been the same. I have truly never been more comfortable. My dad refuses to accept my upgraded heating and cooling method, though.


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