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Working from home and HVAC benefits

I really hate to sound like a high maintenance person… but maybe I am, actually.

I’ve never thought of myself as being difficult to please, but at the end of the day, I do require a bit more care and concern than other people around me.

Part of this is due to my super strange immune system and poor temperature regulation skills. My body is not a “factory model” like the rest of the human race, that’s for sure. I have many extra dietary concerns, a fairly low threshold for stress before I get sick, and my temperature is always fluctuating in a highly uncomfortable way. For all of these reasons, a traditional office job can be rather challenging for me. I was missing a lot of days at my old position, so I eventually switched to being full time remote. This has worked wonderfully for me, and has contributed to improvements all around my home. For instance, my heating and cooling system simply had to be upgraded when I started my home-based employment. I couldn’t sit in my office where the temperature regularly fluctuated all day and stay productive. The air was regularly hot or cold, drafty, and filled with contamination. I was too sickly to get my work done and my HVAC expenses were driving my energy bills to the sky. I eventually had my heating and cooling system replaced and even added in zone controlled temperature control. Now I can have the perfect temperature in my office for working all day and my new HEPA filters help with keeping my immune system happy. Working from home and upgrading my HVAC was the best choice I ever made.


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