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Parts kept breaking down

I guess I am the sort of person who gets way too attached to things. Whether we’re talking about people, places, or items… I tend to form an emotional connection to them that I cannot let go of. I often feel so enmeshed with my surroundings and belongings that it actually hurts me to part ways with them.I know that this isn’t always a wise way to move through life, because it ends up being very expensive trying to maintain old belongings that need to be retired. For instance, I loved an ancient vehicle that I repaired dozens of times until it finally pooped out over 350k miles. It would have been cheaper to buy a new vehicle 10 years earlier than to perform all the professional repairs. Similarly, the exact same thing just happened with my indoor heating, cooling, and ventilation system. When I moved into this house I had to buy a central heating and cooling system immediately. It was the first time that I purchased my own indoor climate control and something about that forced air furnace and Central AC unit made me very proud. I was emotionally attached to the climate control equipment because it signified maturity and independence. Over the years, the heating and cooling setup started to fail. I was consistently calling the local heating and cooling professional repair shop for emergency issues with my indoor climate control. However, I couldn’t bring myself to replace the HVAC system. I probably poured $10,000 into that Central Heating and Cooling plan over the years. Finally, my heating and cooling technician sat me down last week and told me “it was time.” I have to say goodbye to my old HVAC plan, but I’ll be getting a brand new AC and heating system to love for another 25 years.