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My usual tech was out sick

I’m not the type of person who strays from a good thing once I find it.

If I find a diner I like, I’m going to eat there daily.

If I find a clothing store that matches my taste, it’s the only place I”m going to shop. If I find a church where the message aligns well with my own values, I’ll be there every Sunday. And if I ever find a heating, cooling, and air quality repair specialist who does a good job and gives me a good deal… I will hire that heating and cooling specialist every few months for the rest of my life. Indoor air quality means a lot to me and there’s no way I’m going to trust my precious machinery in the hands of any old “heating and cooling technician” without knowing that they have a lot of experience and education. I found this out the hard way, to be honest, after experiencing a terrible HVAC worker not so long ago. My usual technician was out sick when I called the HVAC repair shop for an emergency repair. My furnace wasn’t starting up and it was not even 20 degrees outside that day – I needed any heating and cooling assistance I could get. When the guy arrived I realized that I knew him from somewhere else – this guy was actually a gas station attendant, he supposedly knew a bit about heating and cooling machinery on the side. He came out, poked at my furnace for three hours with loud grunts, and delivered me his “best guess” about the temperature control machinery. Then the gas station attendant supposedly fixed the furnace and left without another word. Somehow, he actually made my indoor air temperature worse and I was calling the HVAC repair shop the next day. By then, my usual tech was back in the office… and he re-repaired my furnace for free.



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