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Indoor air comfort is important to your relationships

I recently watched a reality show that determined if individuals could find love without actually seeing the person that they could potentially marry.

In the show, potential spouses go on dates behind a wall so they cannot see each other, but the participants get to know each other on a deep level.

They do not talk to each other about their physical attributes, only about their personalities. If the couple falls in love through the walls, they get engaged. They meet each other after they get engaged and then they have a few weeks after that to determine if they want to get married, but one of the couples had an amazing relationship behind the walls. They built a deep emotional connection, however when they met in person, they also had physical chemistry. Everything changed after the couple came back from a nice trip together and started living together. The couple started arguing about little things which turned into larger things. For example, the wife wanted the cooling system to be set to a low temperature in the Summer because it was hot and humid outside. The man did not agree with setting the control device to a low temperature because he wanted to save money. The temperature debate could have ended in a compromise, however it did not. The woman kept lowering the digital control device when the man was not looking. Then the man would notice and she would turn up the digital control unit. This air conditioner issue caused various fights. The couple ended up saying no to getting married because they could not agree on something as simple as an air conditioner.

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