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I made it my goal to make my father’s A/C company successful

My name is Charlie, and my younger sister is Chelsea, since my parents passed on some years back, we’ve been just the multiple.

Our parents died in a road accident, and since then, I have had to take care of her.

I took on my father’s home comfort corporation plus had been managing the corporation since then. At first, it was challenging since I was used to my father’s guidance in everything. I now had to depend on myself, to top it all, my younger sister was also relying on me, and luckily our father had some employees who helped me in the business. Such as the heating and air conditioning specialist, a driver for the delivery vehicle, and others who helped with other works, then they helped me manage the business; soon enough, I was already used to it, but my father used to be an HVAC professional. And before he started his business, he used to work in a corporation that manufactured HVAC equipment and other home comfort equipment, but when I was in school, he introduced me to the cabin comfort business, which helped me greatly when I started managing the business. I sell all home comfort equipment, such as intelligent heating and air conditioning for great air quality, air purification systems that ensure great air purification help, and air filters for great air quality. We also sell HVAC with a whole-home air purification system, which is easily efficient equipment that ensures air purification in the whole home, not just one room. We also offer cabin service, duct cleaning, plus other cabin comfort services. My father’s corporation helped us a lot, and I made it our goal to make it easily successful.



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