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Books and air quality, worth it

When I was a child I became absolutely obsessed with reading.

There is nothing that I enjoy more on this planet than settling down with a good book and zoning out from real life.

In fact, when I was five years old I declared that I would be a librarian so that I could be surrounded by books at all times. Well, that isn’t exactly what happened… But I would call myself a hobby librarian. What I mean is, I have way too many books. Because I have accrued such a collection of beautiful, antique additions… I also have had to accrue a collection of brand new, high-tech indoor air quality control equipment. You see you, books are extremely delicate as they age. They require certain indoor air quality and temperature conditions in order for the paper to stay intact. You have to carefully monitor the temperature and humidity levels at all times in order to protect your precious belongings. Furthermore, the exterior of the book can be damaged by low quality indoor air that contains many pollutants. Don’t even get me started on the threat of mold or mildew to your beautiful babies. This is why I have updated all of my heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment in the past several years. I realized how crucial it was 4 my AC unit and forced air furnace to maintain an ideal level of comfort and humidity inside the house. I have several temperature and humidity monitoring devices throughout the house and can separately control the HVAC levels with my zone controlled climate set up. Now, I can sleep easily – both from knowing my books are safe and having the most ideal indoor comfort possible.


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