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The holiday home had a refrigerant leak with the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system

My family plus I own a property down south.

It is like our holiday home. My buddy and I like to spend our summers there for the most part. My teenagers have tasks down here in the summer time so they are able to make currency. My buddy and I care about it because my associate and I all appreciate the heat plus miss it during the winter season time! Unluckyly it is quite expensive to have two homes. This is especially tploy when something goes wrong. My buddy and I visit out or home during the summer time plus this means that it is quite warm. My buddy and I count on the air conditioning to help us deal with the weather my associate and I are not used to being in. Unluckyly, the last time my associate and I made the decision to go there my associate and I tried to turn the air conditioning on when my associate and I got there plus it did not work. It would not kick on no matter what buttons my associate and I pressed on the thermostat. It was quite annoying however my associate and I called a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company my associate and I use when these things happen. He was able to arrive that afternoon plus confirmed my associate and I had a refrigerant leak. The liquid is what helps to make the air cold that gets put into our home. There was no more so it would not labor or blow warm air. My buddy and I did not want that since my associate and I are in a rather warm area. He fixed the leak plus refilled the refrigerant… Within the same afternoon my associate and I had the air conditioning back up plus running. My buddy and I went out to the store while my associate and I waited for the cool air to fill our home. It did not take long plus the rest of the summer time was underway.
a/c rep