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A long and boiling graduation took arena for my sibling because the a/c was not working

It is that season again.

  • Spring is here and so is graduation time.

I just went to my siblings graduation… He looked so grown up in his gowns for his graduation. I was so happy to see him walk across that stage. If you have any experience with graduations you may know that they tend to feel entirely long and boring. This is exactly what I experienced. I was happy to be there however standing through it was awful. There was one thing that made it worse too. The thing that made it worse was that there must have been absolutely no a/c. There were thousands of people in a gymnasium seeing their family member or enjoyed one graduate. There were so numerous people that it was getting so got in the gym. I was absolutely starting to sweat. It was getting hotter and hotter. If they were going to host a graduation and knew the a/c wasn’t working, they should have figured a way around it. They know this is a big event do they should have gotten a tune up for the system before the graduation even happened. I swear that these means people take for granted their HVAC system and it was entirely clear that this university did. I was about ready to call an HVAC company myself to come and repair this. I wanted to hold off on the whole ceremony to get this thing fixed so I could try to comfortably watch the entire thing, and unluckyly that was not going to happen and I feel scarred for life from seeing this one graduation.

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