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A bright side in the cooling system world

Well, in two more afternoons my writing labor is going to cease. But I know there is a bright side to losing your job, you get a nice amount of free time in your afternoon to do stuff. I have a lot of free time as it is, but soon I will have a lot more free time, something that most of my friends would cherish to have. I will use that free time to find another job online, that is if AI didn’t snatch up all of those jobs too! The world is changing all the time, heating up and cooling down with each changing season, and my friend and I have to evolve with it or my friend and I get left behind. I’m sure there are a ton of jobs online, especially after Covid changed the working world for good, or bad. I know if I looked at Heating, Ventilation, and A/C tech jobs online I would find something that pays me a little money so I can get by each month and pay my cooling bills and rent. There is always another path when the one you are one ends, so I will just keep walking and see where it takes me. I have a nice Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system to keep my flat comfy and I have a great cooling worker flatmate to help me cover the cost of residing here. I will find a way to make it labor and just keep on going like I always have been. I know the local supplier down the road has some chances for space heating system salespeople so I will visit them later.
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