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Cat fights plus wipe air quality

Our cats have recently gotten into a minor altercation again.

In addition to attacking my cats whenever my friend and I let my flatmate’s pet out of her room, the animal isn’t particularly friendly.

Actually, they just got into a fight again, but this time my one-year-old animal punched her animal in the nose with a claw. She has a fat older cat, but mine are younger and faster, so maybe now it will realize that just because it is bigger doesn’t make it the king of the house. I was given two black cats by the neighborhood shop down the street, and the local business that gave them to me warned me to exercise caution because they are wild cats. Since my animal beat up hers, I suppose it’s possible that hers will become less aggressive. If so, that’s good news for the cool black cats living there. My current HEPA filter is blocked with a variety of animal hair as well as dust, so I will soon visit the heating company to get a new one. It hasn’t been changed in a while, so I suppose it’s past due for a change, not just a cleaning. I usually do it myself, but I suppose this time I will just have a Heating and A/C technician come out and do the swapping for me so I can keep an eye on the strays that are running my apartment. I still have an hour of work to complete before I can leave for the store to buy a ton of animal food and other necessities.

furnace/heater tune-up