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Cold a/c most definitely keeps me awake when I’m trying to rest

There are particular afternoons where I just can’t sleep. I wouldn’t say I have sleeping concerns usually, but there are some times where no matter what, I can’t bring myself to fall asleep, or if I do, I can’t stay asleep. This is obviously a drawback for me. I then wake up in the morning feeling similar to a zombie, usually so deep in a daze that I can’t remember doing anything. It’s sort of like I will blink and it will have gone from morning to evening, and I will only have vague memories of what I had done during the afternoon. It can be somewhat terrifying to be honest. However, I have been using a couple of unusual methods to help wake me up. One is taking a chilly shower first thing in the morning hours. This already helps freshen me and prepare me for the afternoon, but as soon as I become sizzling again, I feel tired, and so I make sure to keep the a/c device running all afternoon. This way if I am working during the afternoon, the chilly air will help keep me awake, and I am enthusiastic to say that it works completely well. As long as I keep my a/c around the low 60s, that is usually enough to keep me awake. Because of the chilly showers and chilly cooling machine, I can focus a lot better and get a lot more done around the house. Now if only I can actually start getting better sleep. I might try cooler rapidly changing temperatures in the evening as well, because I heard they help you get to sleep, but cool rapidly changing temperatures help you sleep, feel cold, and rapidly changing temperatures keep you awake.

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