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The room at the hospital was easily frigid inside

I dislike having to go to hospitals, regardless of whether or not I’m the patient or the guest.

My mother spent years in hospitals when I was growing up, then he has serious Crohn’s disease plus even had a stint in the hospital at one point with a bunch of blood clots.

My mother is like a animal with nine lives, although I do not know how several he has left now. Crohn’s disease has led to bone degeneration throughout his whole body. As a result, he has broken his back in many weird sites. And after a giant leg break, he cannot even walk either. After all of this exposure to hospitals, I do not ever want to walk inside one again, however but unluckyly I had a kidney stone yesterday plus it got so awful I had to go to the hospital. They kept me in a room that was way too frigid for my liking. I suppose the air conditioner was set to 76 degrees there because I was shivering. I asked them for blankets on several chances however it took from 4 hours before someone would bring me one. I kept shivering on that bed wondering if I could fall asleep despite how frigid it was. And they kept the lights on even though I asked them to turn them down. I dislike how frigid they keep the rooms at the hospital. It makes it easily tough to be comfortable when you are shivering in the hospital but; Hopefully I will not have to go to the hospital again for a while. I do not care if I’m a patient or a guess, the hospital rooms are just too frigid for my liking.