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Is there mold in my ductwork?

This is kind of scary to me but I think there might be mold in my ductwork.

I wish so badly that I hadn’t made the mistakes I made. In order to explain what I’m talking about we’re going to have to go back in time a couple of months ago. So for a long time I have had a good quality roof on my house, in fact it has a couple of known leaky spots that I’ve left for a very long time because really they just weren’t that bad, they were very tiny leaks and I wasn’t expecting them to get worse. You can probably see where this is going. I just put a bucket or two under some of the leaky spots when it rains and that took care of it. When I say they leaked I mean just a few drops that were coming through the roof. It really was nothing major. In fact you hardly noticed it. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m cheap and that is why I’m having this issue that I’m having, if I just had my roof repaired or even had the roof properly replaced like I should have, then I wouldn’t be having this issue. I really should have done something as soon as the weather people started talking about there’s going to be a major storm coming through, I’m talking about a low-level hurricane type of storm. Did I do anything about it? No, I didn’t do anything at all. This is because I didn’t think that the storm was that bad, and I figured my house could hold up. Well I was wrong, in fact I was really wrong. I left my house because I did advise us to evacuate, which was the one good decision that I did make. Anyways when I came back home the hurricane had managed to rip a major hole in the roof in the rain from the hurricane that had poured in and flooded my house. Unsurprisingly, this storm had also flooded my ductworks. I thought I had had everything repaired and cleaned up but apparently I hadn’t, there must be still some dampness somewhere because now I’m pretty sure I’m growing mold in my ductwork. Now not only do I have to call the heating and AC business to take care of it, I have a big mess to take care of in general. I wish I had just had my roof repaired when the holes were minor, maybe it would have been enough to save it, maybe it wouldn’t have but it would have been better than doing nothing.

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