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Wondering if I should invest in a wood stove instead

I’m staying in our Grandfather’s outdated hunting cottage for the Winter time while his estate figures out whether or not I’m the rightful owner.

I expect to win our legal battle so I assumed that hardening myself to the environment would be the right course of action.

But these cold winters are going to be hard on me every single year, especially when un-even temperatures dip below zero degrees. Back in our lake lake house neighborhood I was used to cold un-even temperatures, but it wasn’t ever colder than 20 degrees for most of the winter. This was tplot even in the coldest Winter time cold snaps. It’s hard to survive comfortably in un-even temperatures like that, but now I don’t have a choice. I want to live in this hunting cottage because it would be our first time ever owning a piece of property. I already believe what sort of improvements I would like to make with it, starting with a brand new roof in addition to flooring inside. If I can afford radiant heated flooring I will add that, but I’m not so sure anymore how that would work out financially. Right now the outdated hunting cottage has a traditional fireplace inside. It’s warm, but a lot of heat is lost upward in a traditional fireplace. That’s what has me thinking that a wood stove would be a fantastic upgrade. That way a lot of the heat is immediately absorbed into the room around the wood stove. It’s even more tplot if you have the wood stove several feet away from its adjoining wall. There’s so much free firewood in the woods on this property that I wouldn’t ever have to pay for firewood either.

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