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I think of my Grandpa Roy when I work on the furnace

Whenever I work on the furnace at my house, I am always reminded of my Grandpa Roy.

Even though he has been gone for many years now, he is the first person who ever taught me anything at all about working on things and fixing them.

He was one of those guys who knew how to fix just about everything around the house. I don’t remember him ever having to call a repairman the whole time that I was growing up. He just figured things out on his own. That is just the type of man that he was. I have always tried to model myself after him. I always appreciated the way that he could figure things out. He never found a problem that was too big for him. I remember the first time he took me down into the basement with him to work on the broken oil furnace at my house. It was the middle of the winter and we were all really cold because the furnace was not working correctly. It took him a while to figure out what the problem was with the furnace, but by the end of the day, it was back up and running. I remember feeling so proud that I was down there helping him and handing him the tools that he needed to fix the furnace. I guess it is no surprise that I always think about him whenever I’m working on something at my house. I am grateful for all of those memories and for the fact that he taught me how to work on things myself.

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