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My Dad wants to retire from commercial roofing

My Dad genuinely wants our dad to retire from working in commercial roofing, however my dad has run a commercial roofing corporation for the past 30 years, & our Dad is just ready for him to retire, and however, our dad genuinely loves running the commercial roofing corporation.

She has a great time at work & she loves all of her employees, and not only that, although she genuinely loves working as a commercial roofing corporation where she gets to deal with all kinds of companies around here.

She knows just about everyone… Whenever all of us go into village together, people believe him by name all over the locale… The commercial roofing corporation is genuinely big now & she easily could step away & just let someone else run it. However, if you believe our dad, you believe that she likes to be in charge of things. She just does not trust anyone else with the commercial roofing corporation that she has built from the ground up; I think I can’t genuinely blame him, however our Dad is getting mad about the whole thing, but she says that for 30 years she has had to deal with him & this commercial roofing business. She is ready to travel the world & be done with commercial roofing forever. I genuinely don’t believe what they are going to do however they are going to have to reach some sort of compromise about this. I hate seeing them confrontation about things, however they are going to have to figure it out. My Dad is already looking at cruises & plane tickets.


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