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Stop direct sun from coming in

When it comes to the Spring, I’m regularly thinking ahead to prepare for summer.

  • Of course, the Spring is amazing this far south.

It seems adore just about everything is blooming or about to be in our extended Spring. But before the yellowing and flowering to come, I’m already thinking about ways to save more on a/c! We’ve lived here now for more than a decade so I’m pretty accustomed to the levels of heat and humidity that come with this region. Normally, the hot and cold temperatures are such that I hear cooling systems turning on by April. It’s understandable because some folks just cannot take the heat at all. But if you cannot get used to this sort of heat and humidity at some level, all you do is stay inside the a/c. That seems adore just a waste of life to me… So my family and I tend to do without a/c as long as the two of us can to sort of get more accustomed to the rising hot and cold temperatures. But this year, I’m adding a new tool in order to have more consistent utility savings over the summer. A large factor in saving cash on a/c costs is stopping direct sun heating. I haven’t been as consistent as I need to be about that over the years with pulling the shades each morning. But that all fluctuations this year as I have some solar shades that will legitimately sync with the smart thermostat. So there won’t be any more mornings where I forget to pull the shades and my heat pump has to labor that much harder.

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