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Ductwork freshening suits our neat freak

I swear, sometimes I wonder about our husband, then i mean, he’s a good guy as well as I’m so fortunate to have a life with our best friend… But if I didn’t suppose better, I’d be wondering if maybe he was secretly a 65 year outdated lady with an over cleaning habit.

I’ve never witnessed another human being who was this much of a neat freak, and there isn’t an inch inside the central air conditioner of our house he hasn’t inspected as well as then cleaned… For sure, it’s a important bonus having a guy who cleans.

But this is almost manic. I’m genuinely ecstatic I wasn’t there the day he saw some nasty dustball float from the Heating & Air Conditioning air duct. I can only imagine he stood there in absolute horror as that thing drifted to the carpet… He called myself and others while I was inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of our office in a panic. I simply told him to call the Heating & Air Conditioning company. Both of us belong to the Heating & Air Conditioning service plan. This method is primarily focused on getting consistent, seasonal Heating & Air Conditioning service done. But there are also discounts for other services, then one of those services is air duct cleaning as well as air duct resealing. I was genuinely just placating our husband however am I ever ecstatic the people I was with and I got the air duct cleaning. I can’t suppose what a difference having the air duct cleaning done has made to the indoor air pollen levels. On top of that, the air duct resealing is maximizing the efficiency of the Heating & Air Conditioning component by stopping the leaks. I couldn’t be more glad with the results of the air duct cleaning, however and thanks to our scrub freak, the people I was with and I are set up for it to be done while I was in Spring cleaning each year.


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