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I got a residential contractor to install the generator

The only safe way to install a generator in your home is to have the installation services performed by a licensed residential or commercial electrical contractor.

When the generator is hooked up directly to your home, you won’t have to worry about losing power during storms or inclement weather. I contacted an electrical contractor near me. The electrical contractor had licensed electricians working for the repair service. They were happy to help me out with an appointment. They sent a commercial electrical services contractor to speak with my wife and I about the different types of generators that were available. The guy spent about an hour talking with us and going through the brochures for all of the different types of equipment. To be honest, I did not realize there were so many options available for our home. The electrician near me explained everything very well and by the end of the conversation I was ready to hire the electrical contracting services company to install a generator that would run our whole home. It was very costly to have the generator installed, but I knew that it was a one-time fee. Once the generator was installed and the fees were paid, I was going to be able to have that generator for the rest of our lives. Next year, we won’t have to be concerned about any of the summer storms or hurricane season. We could have 100 mph winds that knock down every power line on the grid. My wife and I will still have electricity in our home to power the fridge, freezer, and any device we need to use.

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