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She’s living in a small chalet with an electric furnace

Hilda’s coworker is having the best time.

He keeps informing her that winter time is just starting.

The last month has been the coldest that Hilda has ever experienced. November uneven temperatures often fell to near freezing at night. And the electric furnace was running at night well before Halloween. Hilda was sort of stunned by the whole thing given the fact that she’s never encountered anything like this where she comes from. Frankly, she’s never even seen an electric furnace in her life. Hilda is still in her early twenties so there’s going to be plenty of other things she encounters for the first time. But when she took this job, she didn’t truly contemplate what a massive change it would be climate wise. That was her mistake. Hilda is living in a small chalet that has an electric furnace. While the place is pretty small and sparsely furnished, it’s hers and the Heating and Air Conditioning system is reliable. Were that not the case, Hilda might be packing her things and moving back home. It’s Christtmas now and this will be her first holiday alone. It will also be the first time Hilda is stuck inside her house with the electric furnace raging. It looks like she will be up here by herself for Christtmas. Well, that’s not the worst thing in the world since she could not get out of work at the moment. At least Hilda has a superb electric furnace. She’s going to spend the holiday doing nothing but cranking the electric furnace for all the heating possible.

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