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Don't take the HVAC warranty lightly

I do our best to learn the superb print.

But then these days, everything comes with disclaimers and legal stuff that would take forever to get all the way through, and still… I do our best not to just disregard instruction or directions from professionals, and recently, my associate and I had our entire residential HVAC plan replaced… Our house has had superb central air conditioning since my associate and I purchased it, but my associate and I inherited the HVAC device from the previous owner.

On top of that, the ductwork in our condo was marginal at best back then. We considered going with the ductless heat pumps instead of replacing the ductwork. But our empathetic husband certainly did like having central air conditioning as that’s what she’s used to. So it certainly was a pretty big operation from an HVAC business perspective. We met numerous times with the HVAC professional prior to the project starting, but I was certainly impressed with how this HVAC business listened to our needs and was consistently able to supply suggestions. It was clear to him, residential HVAC with a passion. So I certainly paid attention to all the instructions once the project was complete, but I certainly heard him when he said to be sure to pay attention to the HVAC warranty… First, he suggested that my associate and I register the HVAC warranty immediately as there was only a 60 day window to do so. But he also said to learn it thoroughly because my associate and I could inadvertently void the HVAC warranty if my associate and I even tried to do any repairs. I did just what the HVAC business suggested and I’m blissful I did, however the last thing I would want to do is lose a warranty on an investment like HVAC equipment.

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