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Learning what I can eat as I get older

A lot of weird stuff happens when you get older.

All of a sudden you don’t sleep like you used to.

My husband had to get a CPAP and I had to get a sound machine due to being a light sleeper. You also don’t feel the same physically. The two of us were constantly complaining about sore muscles. We started stretching every morning and at night. Regular massages and running after work also helped matters out a lot. The worst is how foods affect you as you age. I used to eat anything I wanted. Now I can’t eat eggs without severe diarrhea. I can’t get too much dairy without getting sick. I also am allergic to peanuts. I get bad acid reflux when I eat red sauce or greasy, fatty foods. I hit a point where I worried I would have nothing to eat. I tried making a meal plan online but that didn’t help. Thankfully the gym I run at offers nutritional counseling. I went in with a whole laundry list of foods I can’t eat and how I feel after eating others. The nutritional couselor actually advised that I become a pescatarion. This means I don’t eat any meat other than fish. I now eat seafood, fruits, vegetables, grains and a bit of dairy. My diet plan is very detailed and I don’t waver from it at all. I feel so much healthier and I never have stomach pains anymore. I am trying to convince my husband to do the same thing. He also has indigestion and acid reflux when he eats.