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Halloween is better where is snows-the north

I recognize it is debatable on what is a better location for Halloween… When I lived up north it genuinely felt love fall.

  • My parents would turn on the apartment heater, the leaves changed and all the vegetables were in season.

My mother could genuinely purchase homemade pear cider, take us pear picking and buy zucchini and squash. It was honestly fall oriented in our area. However, the weather in the fall is quite unpredictable. I vividly remember complaining about wearing a coat over my costume every year. I could never be a mermaid or anything that barely covered you. I was consistently an eskimo or some creature that was layered in fur. The cold was that severe, and now I live down south. The weather is so much better. The trick or treaters will get to care about 73 degree weather. It is the perfect temperature to walk around and not overheat. I haven’t had to turn on the gas furnace yet. As a matter of fact, I have been able to turn off the AC. I let the natural air blow through my apartment and wash everything out. No Heating as well as Air Conditioning required right now. It doesn’t recognize love fall but. Everything is green and flowering. The parakeets are still singing and the squirrels are playing around, you have to buy pumpkins at the grocery store if you want them. The cider isn’t homemade and I haven’t seen an pear orchard. It just genuinely isn’t the same. I hate to say freezing weather for the fall is better, but it might be.



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